Nice review

Thanks Axel,

Taco Leg – Taco Leg
Saw the ball it was coming
left my whip under the door

Remember: the derision, the divisiveness, the gloves, that black Dan electro I coveted, riff after riff after missed fill, spilt beer, Gossip Girl, that time I accidentally flipped them off at the Bakery, slow claps, Tanya’s, Damaged, all that shit. It came like a flood when I got the package, a single length of cardboard taped crudely together with masking tape with a handwritten note saying ‘SORRY ABOUT THE PACKAGING J’ and a sickly coloured vinyl, at 45 of course. And then it was off, just like that, sprinting out to guzzle on some biscuits, drink all the cordial, fart in all the cupboards, pound on the piano, leave tuffs of hair in the bathroom and jerk off in the sink.  This record is a triumph, a fucking triumph. If you disagree, you are wrong and are a grotesquely ugly freak.

fell into a pit of snakes,
fell into it with my mate.


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